Days of Importance

Voters Awareness Day - 25th January 2018

In order to encourage voters to take part effectively in the polling process, National Voter’s Day or Rashtriya Matdata Diwas is observed on 25th January every year. All the faculty members and Students of our pharmacy college took pledge on the occasion of the National Voters' Day.

The significance of observing the National Voters' Day is to encourage and create awareness for the freshly enrolled voters and the common public to take part in the election which is the foundation of nation building process. It is a day to celebrate and make them understand the right to vote and contribute to uplift the vibrant democracy of India. National Voters' Day was initiated in 2011 to commemorate the foundation day of the Election Commission of India (ECI) which came into existence on 25th January 1950.

As a part of National voters’ day a rally was inaugurated by Tashildar, Tiruchengode in which all our D. Pharmacy Students along with staff participated and spread awareness among voters regarding their effective participation in the electoral process in Tiruchengode. Our students actively participated in rally with plugcards by raising slogans that highlights the importance of electoral process.

National Youth Day - 12th January 2018

National youth day was celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Swamy Vivekanandha on 12th January.

Our D. Pharm students observed the National youth day and performed a drama that highlighted about the ill effects of alcohol & social media and how it spoils the mind and character of youngsters of India. They also stressed how to utilize social media responsibly and the effective role of youth in our nation building activity to create a dynamic and vibrant India.

Elimination of Voilence - 25th November 2017

International day for elimination of violence against women was observed on 11th December 2017.

Second B. Pharm students created awareness and made the event more informative by demonstrating acts and plays about the violence against women in family, domestic violence, sexual harassment, Sati, forced marriage, Eve teasing, acid attack, dowry harassment and gender abuse.

They also highlighted the legal measures and support that available to the women's to protect and provide justice to the violence happened to them. Government initiatives, software support, and all the safety measures to be followed are also explained to the students.

World Food Day - 16th October 2017

III- B. Pharm students along with 03 faculty members and 02 supporting staff from Swamy Vivekanandha College of Pharmacy has observed “World Food Day” in an orphanage called ST. Theresa's Home for children, Elanagar, Namakkal on 14.10.17. The official goal of the day was to "Heighten public awareness of the world food problem and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty".

With this motto we reached the orphanage around 11:00 AM. The children were very pleasantly excited to receive us. Our students greeted them with great enthusiasm. There was huge smile on their faces of orphanage children and our students were very happy to interact with them.

Our students organised various sports and cultural activities for the home children. The winners of the events were awarded with prizes such as notebooks, pencils, pens, scales, sharpeners and eraser by our students and faculty. Students distributed snacks and sweets to the children. We observed the happiness of the children while they are collecting the compliments from us. All the children looked so excited and joyful. The caretaker of the children at orphanage home helped us to conduct various activities along with us.

Necessary arrangements were made to provide food for the children at home. We served the food for them in the lunch time. As per the quote “To serve the poor is to serve the God” we observed smile in their faces and also our students were fully satisfied in their service.

As per the theme, we continued our programme with “PLANT SAPLING AND DISTRIBUTION” at the home. The students and faculties from orphanage joined with us for plant saplings with lot of cheer.

At the end of this session as a token of love our students provided gifts, fruits, chocolates, toys, bed sheets, paste, tooth brush, bath soaps and washing soaps whole heartedly to them. Our students spent a little over five hours with the children. It was indeed very satisfied experience for the students as they could bring smiles on children’s faces however for a brief period. They realized that one must contribute and understand his/her social responsibilities towards society. Finally we came back from the home with sweet remembrance of those children.

We render our heartfelt thanks to our beloved Chairman & The management of Vivekanandha educational Institutions for providing all facilities. We express our gratitude to our beloved Principal Dr.G.Murugananthan, Swamy Vivekanandha College of Pharmacy for his valuable suggestions, remarkable guidance and also constant encouragement in all aspects.

“A journey is easier when you travel together. Interdependence is certainly more valuable than independence”.

Dengue Awareness Program on 10th & 11th August 2017

Our Second D.Pharmacy students participated in Dengue awareness program in association with the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine in Namakkal District. Our students team up with social workers of DPH department and spread awareness by issuing Pamphlets about dengue fever and explained about the method of prevention in six wards of tiruchengode. 1200 families were educated regarding Dengue.

Students stress the importance of removing stagnant rain water around their home where Aedes Mosquito grows. They explain to the people how to destroy the Aedes larvae which provoken them to prevent their family members from Dengue fever.

Dr. C. Vjaya Baskar, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Tamilnadu and Tmt M. Asia Mariam, IAS, Namakkal District Collector participated in the concluding session. They appreciated our students for their efforts in Dengue awareness program.

World Health Day – 7th April 2017

World Health Day was observed by M. Pharm students of the Department of pharmacy practice and pharmacology on April 7, 2017 at Swamy Vivekanandha College Of Pharmacy seminar hall, with the theme - Depression: let’s talk.

Students highlighted about the theme “Depression-Let’s Talk” by means of Speech, Video and Conversation. They emphasized the awareness on teen depression & work place depression and also highlighted few methods about how to overcome Depression. They also conducted quiz programs to students and staffs and gifts were given to those who answered. The most interesting part of the event was the depression self test survey conducted for students and staffs on a scale. All were actively participated and at the end the based on the scores they gave counseling to whom it was required.

World Water Day – 22nd March 2017

World water day was observed by First B.Pharm students on 23rd March 2017 at Swamy Vivekanandha college of Pharmacy seminar hall. They highlighted the importance of conservation and sustainable use of water through their different ways by performing few events. Students decorated and demonstrated the present situation of water usage and future scarcity by many Charts, pictures and graphs that gave valuable information about consumption of water. They presented a group song, Short film made by them, conducted puzzles, few awareness videos and discussions about the portray and conserving the natural water ecosystem. The program also highlighted the rain water harvesting methods and importance of weed out Prosopis juliflora (seemai karuvelam) to conserve ground water table.

National Youth Day – 12th January 2017

National youth day was observed by II D-Pharm Students on January 12, 2017. It was celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Swamy Vivekanandha all over the country. On this day our students highlighted the roles and responsibilities of youth in national building through their programme. They gave the strong message to the viewer’s that “A youth must create a most dynamic and corruption free society” to benefit the nation. The theme of the event is to wake up the eternal energy of the youth as well as their big efforts to make the country developed. They inspired the other students by street play messages and performed the group dance with the enlightening thoughts of Swamy Vivekanandha.

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day was observed by II Pharm D students on 4th February 2017. They have organised Cancer Awareness Programme at seminar hall on the occasion of ‘World Cancer Day’ They have displayed a variety of posters highlighting awareness about cancer and also wore pink coloured ribbon to mark the memory of the day.

Students presented the histopathology and epidemiology of cancer, especially with special concern to Pancreatic and Breast Cancer. They also played promotional videos about cancer patients, life style and food style modifications which are required for cancer prevention and effective management.

Name of student Topic of speech
Aleena Baiju Varghese & Devishri G S Introduction to Cancer
Neeya Johny Causes of Cancer
Arshi Haneef Pancreatic Cancer
Shangavi Treatment for Cancer
Alina Lorance Breast Cancer – Causes, Histopathology, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention.

Pharmacy Week Celebration

Swamy Vivekanandha College of Pharmacy, Elayampalayam, Tiruchengode, has organized 55th National Pharmacy Week Celebrations from 20.12.2016 to 23.12.2016. Lighting Kuthuvilakku for the function was by Tmt. Krishnaveni Karunanithi, Chairperson, Vivekanandha Educational Institutions. Dr. G. Murugananthan, Principal, Swamy Vivekanandha College of Pharmacy delivered Welcome address. Prof. Dr. M. Karunanithi, Chairman & Secretary, Vivekanandha Educational Institutions gave Presidential address. Prof. G.B. Ravikumar, Konguvellalar Pathinma Hr. Sec. School, Perundurai, Erode & Dr. B. Jaykar, Principal, Vinayaka Mission’s College of Pharmacy, Salem, Executive Committee Member, PCI, New Delhi are honor the function as a Chief Guest and enlighten the students with chief guest address.

Dr. S. Arthanareeswaran, Executive director, Dr. K.Sreeraaghanidhi Arthanareeswaran, Director VMCH, Mr.M.Chokkalingam, Chief Executive, Mr .S. Varadharaju, Admission Director, Vivekanandha Educational Intuitions felicitated the function.

As a part of Pharmacy Week Celebration Health awareness rally was conducted on the theme “Pharmacists for healthy India; Role in Prevention and Management of Diabetes”. The rally was inaugurated by Chief Medical Officer, Tiruchengodu Govt Hospital, and Pharmacists Mr. V. Jeganathan from Tiruchengodu Govt Hospital. Later the students donated blood at Government Hospital, Tiruchengode. During the week celebrations essay writing, dance, Rangoli, group song and elocution competitions were conducted and winners are honored by Dr. B. Jaykar and finally during valedictory function Dr. S.K. Rajkumar, Executive Officer, Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital speaks about the growth Pharmacy Profession during the session and finally vote of thanks was given by Dr. R. Natarajan and Dr.C. Jothimanivannan.

World Diabetic Day Celebration

Diabetes Awareness Day Report

World diabetes day observed by our Ist -D.Pharm and final Pharm.D students on 19.11.2016 (Saturday). To observe this day in association with Vivekanandha medical care hospital we organised diabetes camps at six venues - (Velagoundampatti, Vaiyapamalai¸ Elachipalyam, Sithalanthur, Kumaramangalam and Kailasampalayam). In these camps we organise free BP and Blood sugar check-up to the peoples who approaching our camps. Our students successfully organise these camps in association with VMCH, Tiruchengode. Proper Health guidelines were given by our team during counselling after the diagnosis.

Venue Staff Co-Ordinators No of People Diagnosed No of People with abnormal BP and / or sugar levels
Velagoundampatti N. Rajesh kumar 125 65
Vaiyapamalai B. Arul kumar 66 20
Elachipalyam D. Joseph Stalin 128 30
Sithalanthur K. Mohan kumar 109 27
Kumaramangalam T. Kumutha 118 48
Kailasampalayam S. AnandKumar 110 38
Total 656 228

World Food Day – 16th October 2016

We the students and faculty of Swamy Vivekanandha College of Pharmacy went to ST. Theresa's Home for children on 17.10.16 at 11.45 AM to observe “World Food Day”.

On this day, our students distributed food to the home children after that conducted games show among the students of home and the winners were honoured with prizes such as notebooks, pencils, pens, scales, sharpeners and eraser by our students and faculty.

As per part of “World Food Day” event we continued our programme with “Tree Sapling” at the home. Dr.G.Murugananthan Principal and Dr.R.Natarajan Professor & Head, Department of Pharmaceutics joined for planting the tree saplings. The home children were provided with gifts, fruits, chocolates, toys, bed sheets.