Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Welcome to the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry is an Important and Integral part of Swamy Vivekananda College of Pharmacy. The department is responsible for imparting studies in the field of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry for the D.Pharm., B.Pharm and Pharm.D students. The Department offers excellent infrastructure with sophisticated equipments and well equipped laboratories; and knowledge in the form of a vast collection of relevant books and journals.

“Better drugs for better therapy” has always been a motto of medicinal chemists, by keeping in this mind, Our department is acting as a hub for the new drug discovery by focusing on organic new molecules, using the knowledge of both synthetic and natural chemistry and in close combination with computational chemistry together aiming at the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents.

The department is also actively engaged in the research activities like phytochemical studies which include isolation, identification, characterization, purification and standardization of various plant products with the help of recent chromatographic techniques. Various chemical entities synthesized and isolated from natural origin were screened for the pharmacological activities like anticancer, antioxidant, anxiolytic, chemo preventive, anti-inflammatory activities etc.

The aim of department is to prepare and produce highly knowledgeable and outstanding students for dynamic and successful careers in Pharmaceutical industry, Academics, R&D, Healthcare and public sectors.

The faculty members have been attending various seminars, workshops and conferences at National and International levels.

They have also been presenting and publishing their research findings in National/International journals.